From $0 to $9 MRR in ... 20 days

From $0 to $9 MRR in ... 20 days

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My project, PDFShift, received it’s first payment today, after long weeks of hard work and thoughts about pulling marketing ideas after the other. And this post is about this ; the true growth of startups.

Sure thing, this title is awesome and … surprising? at the same time!

But this is also a reality face-off, and it’s the reason for my post here.

The thing is, we are getting more and more posts like “I made $10k in just ONE week, AMA“, “How we bootstrapped our way to $40k MRR in just three months!“ and the likes.

Don’t get me wrong, this is fantastic! and the team behind these services are talented to pull such an exploit.

But. That’s. Not. Common.™

This is porn for (aspiring) entrepreneur, but for most of us, the reality is way harder than that.

Once you finally ship your project (congratulation!), you are just getting started (yeah … sorry). You need to get the word out, you need to market your product, talk to your customers, find a niche, exploit it, rinse and repeat. You also need to update your product, iterate, fix it and improve it.

This takes time, often months, and it’s easy to be discouraged when you hustle for your baby, months after months, and nothing comes out.

But the worse part is, you are being constantly hit by sensational posts like the ones I mentioned, and you start to feel like your product is maybe not that great, maybe even not good at all.

This can be discouraging, heck! this IS discouraging! Why would they get $10k in just one week, when you work your a$$ off for months and get nothing?

Thing is, your market is probably not the same, and react differently. Maybe your approach is different, and take more time to convert a customer. Maybe, and this is hard, but maybe your product is not aligned with your target market, or this target market is too small.

Taking a project off the ground is hard, and it takes time - a lot of time! It requires perseverance, commitment, and focus.

If you can keep your head clear, and commit to your project, you’ll have a higher chance to succeed, and maybe one day, you’ll also do an “I run a $XXXM ARR company, ask me anything!”

Stay focused!